Steel Scaffolding Company, headquartered in Hamilton, was founded in 2014 and becomes a professional scaffolding installation, construction, leasing and sale of the company. Steel Scaffolding Ltd has over 40 sets scaffolding stock in company. We have experienced scaffolding team, especially we got over 10 years of experienced scaffold works who can build up to 33 meters of scaffolding projects. In part of price, the company will give new and old clients a satisfactory quote. The company promised that we provided the best quality, cheaper price and we make sure that finish projects on the time. We purposed satisfy to clients any requires.


Mobile Scaffolding

Steel Scaffolding Ltd. offers the latest and robust mobile scaffolding with transportation and installation. On time/budget delivery will be arranged based on your need

Commercial Installations

Steel Scaffolding Ltd. has the ability to do the high/big job with years of our experience in the field

Residential Installations

Small? Narrow? Inside? Steel Scaffolding Ltd. will get it sorted out for you. We've got solutions for different layouts.

Rent and Sales

For a short term, scaffolding rental would be a good option but in a long term, you may consider to buy some. Have a chat with us to find your options